The Business English suite of courses is a learning programme designed to deliver a Business English education at work. The content covers the core language and skills that workers need to communicate successfully in a wide range of Business specialisations. Workers can take Business English with 6 optional English for Specific Purposes (ESP) add-ons:

The courses adopts a modular approach spanning 60 hours’ training per level beginning at Level A2. Split into 10x1 -hour intensive sessions, classes are delivered exclusively by native English speakers and provided using SOLT (Synchronous Online Live Training) via our global live platform.

The under-pinning philosophy here is a ‘can-do’ approach. Compulsory components guide employees from the fundamentals of business English through to application of their skills in more complex and challenging scenarios. A task-based methodology encourages employees to use their English language skills as an effective tool in their personal career development.

The vocabulary of the courses comprises core lexical items that have a high frequency of use across a range of Business and industrial contexts. Vocabulary and phrases specific to core activities are a key element in these courses and learners are actively encouraged to share their own specialist knowledge with trainers and colleagues alike. This symbiotic exchange of ideas is designed to reinforce the advantages of the CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) approach where specific subject matter determines the language needed to learn.

With a strong emphasis on case studies, business simulation activities, role plays and oral and written output; employees are required to produce bodies of work ranging from basic presentations at level B1 to project-based business analyses subject to peer-to-peer and trainer’s critiques at level C1 and above.

The topics and texts reflect current communication strategies in industry and are designed to stimulate employees who can bring their own practical day-to-day experience into a classroom scenario and develop a shared learning experience.


The programme is designed for a wide range of professional workers where a command of Business English is required to meet the operational requirements of your organisation. This includes learners whose roles involve interaction with and use of Business English; those in day-to-day contact with expatriate colleagues; and those who work with documentation of a business nature.


Course attendees will receive a free language proficiency test and speaking test to properly evaluate their starting level.


The table below will help you identify language level competency and apply for the right module(s) based on the TOIEC test performance within the last 24 months.